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Split Systems (R410a, R32)


Eurovent Middle East, in collaboration with the Centro Studi Galileo training centre, offers a series of technical trainings for RAC Technicians, engineers and servicing personnel. The Split Systems (R410A, R32] course teaches hands-on techniques to install, maintain and repair split inverter systems, multi-split inverter and VRV/VRF, focusing among else on optimal working conditions, pressure and temperature, not forgetting the refrigeration circuit and its thermodynamics in relation to new fluids.


Course details

Split Systems (R410a, R32)

2 days

Advanced level (RAC Technicians with good experience)

700 EUR


Course contents

  • Refrigeration system: The refrigeration circuit and its thermodynamics in relation to new fluids. Pressure gauges reading. Electrical connections and refrigerant pipe works, tubes and connections. The various types of compressors (alternative, rotary and scroll). Evaporators, condensers. Adjustment. The refrigerants R410A and R32.
  • Vacuum and charge applications; refrigerant recovery; leak detection; instrumentation. System cleaning. Research, case studies, fault assessment and repair.
  • Split system, multi-split, inverter, VRV/VRF, with R410A and R32: Installation and commissioning of refrigeration and electrical connections and case histories. Inverter and VRV/VRF systems and advantages compared to traditional systems. Applications and solutions where inverter systems are adopted. Operation in cooling mode and heat pump.
  • Practice on installation, operation and maintenance of a split-inverter system
  • Exercises on working conditions, pressures and temperatures
  • General exercises on repair and maintenance
  • General tuning
  • Debate
  • Knowledge test



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Corporate trainings on request

We also offer dedicated courses for public and private organisations, who wish to train more of their personnel. Please contact [email protected] for further information.


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