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Section with publications on www.eurovent.eu renamed to Document Library

Your feedback matters to us. The Eurovent Team is continuously working on improving the Eurovent website. The newest change is the long awaited simplification of the Document Web Shop. Newly called ‘Document Library’, the publications section on the Eurovent website now allows users to download each Eurovent publication in one click.

About Eurovent Document Library

Our Document Library allows website visitors to download all kinds of Eurovent publications, such as Recommendations (‘Codes of Good Practice’), Guidebooks and more. All documents in our Library can be downloaded free of charge.

About the update

The previously called ‘Document Web Shop’ has recently undergone a major update which has brought several improvements, such as the ability to download each publication in one click. Thanks to this change, website users no longer have to undergo a long check out procedure for each publication they want to download.

The updated publications section has been renamed to ‘Document Library’.

Thank you to Lennart Oestergaard (VELTEK Ventilation, Denmark) and other members for their proactive suggestions on possible simplifications of this section on www.eurovent.eu.

Recommended actions

All users of the Eurovent website are encouraged to visit our revamped Document Library and try the new simplified download function.

This can be done either by clicking on the ‘Download’ button directly in the list of Eurovent documents:

Or by visiting dedicated pages of the respective documents, which include a short description and a preview image:

Publication Date: 
Tuesday, 16 March 2021
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