Find all (GEN)eral Documents in one place (GEN - 1050.00)

New Extranet page makes it easier than ever to access General Documents

GEN - 1050.00. In our quest to continuously improve the services we provide to members; we have added a new page on the Eurovent Extranet where all so-called GENs (General Documents) can be easily accessed in one place.

General Documents are informative briefs on topics of general interest to Eurovent members across working groups. They typically cover recent legislative and standardisation developments. Some General Documents are publicly accessible on the Eurovent website, but most require access to the Extranet.

How to find and use the General Documents page

Once you are logged in to the Eurovent Extranet, access the ‘General Documents’ page via the ‘My Eurovent’ tab on the top ribbon. Click on ‘General Documents’ in the dropdown menu.

The items on the General Documents page appear in chronological order with the most recent on top. You can filter the results using the categories in the right sidebar.

Recommended Actions

Members are recommended to use the new General Documents page to find retrieve documents of interest to them.

Related documents and links

All related documents and articles can be found in the respective sections in the right sidebar.

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