Refrigerants (F-GASES)


The reduction of emissions from fluorinated greenhouse gases (F-Gases) constitutes another major and widely debated policy area affecting our industry. At Eurovent Middle East, we see ourselves as a representative of refrigerant users. We prepare our members for upcoming realities related to the phase-down of refrigerants with a high global warming potential.


The low-carbon roadmap developed by the European Union sets out the strong ambition to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 by 80- 95% compared with the levels from 1990. The aim of the ‘EU F-Gas Regulation’ is to achieve the objectives by cutting the EU’s F-Gases emissions to one-fifth of 2014 sales levels by 2030. This will be the main driver of the move towards more climate-friendly technologies.

Alternatives are already in place

The ‘EU F-Gas Regulation’ was the first of its kind and has meanwhile received a wide-ranging recognition throughout the globe. Members of Eurovent Middle East fully support this forward-thinking legislation and encourage its implementation throughout the region.

We hold that the responsible freedom of choice of refrigerants can contribute to innovation and sustainable growth over time. Already today, Indoor Climate (HVAC), Process Cooling, Food Cold Chain, and Industrial Ventilation Technologies can make use of a wide range of available refrigerant solutions that fulfil the 2030 requirements. Eurovent holds that training and certification of persons working with refrigerants is an essential part for safe and responsible handling of refrigerants both in production plants and on-site.

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