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2020 - EME YouTube channel
2022 - Eurovent Summit
A summary of the live panel discussion on human resources in the HVACR industry

On June 24, 2021, Eurovent Middle East hosted a live panel discussion addressing challenges related to obtaining and retaining talent to meet the HVACR sector's evolving requirements. Moderated by Nerissa Deoraj and Markus Lattner, the panel members shared their experiences and insights on how investing in skills training for the improvement of the industry can meet broader goals related to energy efficiency.

Alarming shortages

The pandemic seems to be fading into the background, thanks to the increased pace of vaccination campaigns. While its end is most likely nowhere near, and the world must be wary of new variants, economies are rolling full steam ahead. COVID-19 has still a rippling effect on many industries. Ours included!

A look at far-reaching consequences on supply chain and performance of products

From smartphones to cars, many everyday items that society depend on are, in turn, reliant on semiconductor chips. The chip serves as the brain within an electric device responsible for its function. However, there has been a global shortage caused by the high demand of electronic devices during the pandemic. Nils Meinhardt, Global Product Manager, HVACR Industry at UL, shares his insights on the potentially far-reaching consequences this shortage will have on the supply chain and performance of the HVACR sector.

Experts weigh in on challenges and opportunities of VRF systems in the Middle East

Even years after introduction of VRF technology to the region, there continues to be ongoing debate regarding its suitability for local projects. While much of the reluctance in the adoption can be attributed to lack of awareness on the benefits of the technology, campaigns from companies to educate the market have uncovered that a more pervasive issue is the region's short-sighted approach to project costing and traditional mindsets. Eurovent Middle East shares insights from experts.

Market outlook by Desmond Noronha, Technical Analyst, Industry Networks

The KSA Giga-construction boom was to follow the end of the Expo-FIFA driven project cycle. The pandemic, politics and macro-economics have unfortunately delayed the hand-over in this construction market relay and HVAC businesses that were shielded from the economic fallout of the gap in the project development during 2020 are now experiencing a painful market contraction.