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2020 - EME YouTube channel

With exhibitions and conferences in full-swing post-pandemic, so is the efforts of events and organisers to lock in sponsorships. Mahyar Ebrahimi, Head of Content at Strategic Intelligence Forum, explains why a successful conference is not a one-sided journey and what most companies get wrong when participating in an event…

Here are three key themes worth exploring for HVAC companies planning their strategy for the region: The first is the resurgence of Dubai, the second is sustainable construction, and the third is KSA’s ambition to be a leader in all spheres in the years ahead. We’ll touch upon each of these briefly along with some key stats.

Several years ago, the UAE implemented a regulation which intended to limit the lowest temperature set point to 20 degrees Celsius. While a laudable attempt to cultivate more conscious energy consumption, the regulation has its difficulties. Eurovent Middle East speaks to experts to know more about this requirement and its effects.

From dealing with cheap fixes to bearing costly consumption, how do tenants and property owners in the UAE feel about their cooling? Eurovent Middle East shares the accounts of everyday people and looks at the complex relationships between tenants, landlords and maintenance companies and their impact on comfort, energy efficiency and IAQ.

Proper installation is a critical part of the project process that can significantly impact an HVAC system's efficiency, lifecycle, and overall performance. However, there are many cases in which quality installation is overlooked or simply not given the necessary attention it deserves. Eurovent Middle East looks at how poor installation processes lead to wrong or inefficient performance and operations and the reasons why…