The future of the commercial refrigeration market in the region – by Dania Shehadeh, Research Analyst, BNC

BNC is looking at major projects in the refrigeration sector.  Among other things the pandemic has taught the region, is to manufacture more and store more when it comes to essential items and particularly food and medicine. While 2021 is off to a slow start the future for commercial refrigeration in the region is bright.

Document presents guidelines for improving Indoor Air Quality and reducing energy consumption

The Eurovent Product Group ‘Air Handling Units’ (PG-AHU) has published the first edition of Eurovent Recommendation 6/15 - Air Leakages in Air Handling Units. The Recommendation presents guidelines for improving Indoor Air Quality and correcting the performance of Air Handling Units due to internal leakages.

Section with publications on renamed to Document Library

Your feedback matters to us. The Eurovent Team is continuously working on improving the Eurovent website. The newest change is the long awaited simplification of the Document Web Shop. Newly called ‘Document Library’, the publications section on the Eurovent website now allows users to download each Eurovent publication in one click.

We wish you relaxing holidays and a prosperous New Year

On behalf of all of us at Eurovent, I would like to sincerely wish you a very happy holiday season and a prosperous New Year. May it be filled with health and happiness, as well as personal and professional success and growth for all.

With the pandemic raging across the globe, our built environment has become high risk areas for transmissions. Eurovent Middle East traces the construction trends brought on by the economic upheaval caused by COVID-19 and the role ventilation equipment will play in the future of the HVACR industry.

By Aritra Gupta, Head of Research and Analysis, BNC

Aritra Gupta, Head of Research and Analysis, of our Associate Member BNC provides insights to the question: when will the market recover, and to what degree. As perhaps the most advanced construction database and intelligence service for projects in the region, covering urban construction, oil & gas, transportation, utilities and industrial sectors, BNC gives an update on latest market figures compared to the previous year.

‘We are all in the same boat and we have to keep steering in the right direction’

In this candid interview, Brian Suggitt, formerly of Systemair Middle East, now General Manager for Al Bunyaan Trading LLC, a major trading and solutions provider based in Oman, and former President of Eurovent Middle East, reflects on the progress the Association has made since its inception and calls for members to stand together in order to weather the storms facing the HVACR industry.

Technical article by Dr. Iyad Al-Attar

The importance of clean air to the well-being of people and for the protection of industrial equipment has highlighted the critical role of air filter performance. Accurate filter performance prediction plays a significant role in estimating the lifetime of filters by means of investigating particle loading and predicting filter clogging. Filter performance prediction enables would enable facility managers to engineer their maintenance schedule to replace filters on time to reduce energy and operating costs.

Improvement of ventilation and air filtration systems in existing buildings key to safer indoor environments

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) to the health and welfare of building inhabitants. Insufficient air filtration and ventilation has proven to increase the risk of airborne viral transmission in closed spaces. While the need to improve IAQ has always been a public health priority, it is now an urgent necessity with far reaching economic and employment impacts. To ensure the safe operation of buildings, improvements to ventilation and air filtration systems need to be placed in focus.

Markus Lattner, Managing Director of Eurovent Middle East reflects on a difficult year, the changes it has invoked and the reaction of the association to the new realities.