The partnership intends to enhance cooperation on standardisation and capacity building

The Gulf Standardization Organization (GSO) and Eurovent signed a Memorandum of Understanding during the 5 Years Anniversary Congress of Eurovent’s Middle East chapter. The partnership will bring closer cooperation on standardisation and capacity building and facilitate exchange of expertise between the two organisations.

German lighting specialist for critical environments adds to growing number of members

SCHUCH, a world-renowned expert in technical luminaires, has joined the growing family of Eurovent Middle East. While not directly connected to the association’s core focus of HVACR, SCHUCH appreciates its network related to building management and to especially critical indoor environments which require special solutions for lighting. In surroundings exposed to dust and various gases ventilation, air filtration and lighting play a crucial and correlated role.

The first RAK Energy Summit will take place at the Al Hamra International Exhibition and Conference Center in Ras Al Khaimah on 04-05 October 2022

The event features international and regional experts and leaders from the government and private sector to discuss emerging trends and initiatives in the field of sustainable energy.

Dr. A. Nour Eddine, Air Conditioner Programme Manager, Eurovent Certita Certification

Considerable technology advancement in comfort air conditioners designs over the past few decades have seen a substantial development in the variable speed compressor operation (inverter air conditioner). Most of the current international standards allow the intervention when testing these units to provide the setting parameters, while some still forbid it to prevent manufacturer interference.

Harmonics are troublesome for electrical networks as they can cause unreliable operation and overheating as well as requiring expensive oversizing of equipment to handle them. But local energy losses through waste heat are only part of the reason why harmonics are bad for energy efficiency. They also cause a poor power factor that brings down the energy efficiency of the whole network. Frank Taaning Grundholm, Vice President, Global HVACR Sales, ABB Motion, explains why harmonics occur and how active frontend (AFE) drives can eliminate them at source.

Dr. Iyad Al Attar, Independent Air Filtration Expert and Associated Consultant for Eurovent Middle East, calls on the HVAC sector to challenge conventional philosophies, outlining what the industry should keep in mind to truly improve IAQ and avoid the outdated thinking that prolonged COVID-19...

Taiwan study offers empirical data that improving ventilation to CO2 <1.000 ppm is highly effective in controlling a TB outbreak in a poorly ventilated indoor environment

In 2019, Du C-R, et al. published a paper on the ‘Effect of ventilation improvement during a tuberculosis outbreak in under ventilated university buildings’ in the journal Indoor Air. The study demonstrated the positive health impact of investing in proper ventilation and improved IAQ. The article provides a summary, excerpts and key takeaways from the study…

Avin Gidwani, CEO of BNC Network outlines the market conditions in the GCC

Many HVAC suppliers still have balance sheets that are positive and cash flows that are manageable - the core issue remains the waning backlog on their order books. While some businesses grapple with critical supply chain issues, the problem is still operational, not existential and poses a new dynamic that creates opportunities for businesses that manufacture locally, maintain stocks and know how to hedge their bets on raw materials as they bid work.

Khalil El Ghazzi, Managing Director, Systemair Saudi Arabia, discusses misconceptions related to performance certification circulating in the market, factors stakeholders should keep in mind when assessing existing schemes, and what lies behind the Eurovent mark…

Manufacturers weigh in on the ROI of investing in certification and what bodies need to do to raise awareness among consultants on what they stand for.

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