Eurovent Certified Performance

Members of Eurovent Middle East support the distribution and recognition of the ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ mark in the Middle East. This section provides fundamentals on this well-known performance certification.

Understanding the Eurovent network

Eurovent Network

Association ≠ Certification

Eurovent Middle East as an association does not issue any type of certification. The globally known ‘Eurovent Certified Performance’ mark is provided exclusively by Eurovent Certita Certification, which runs fully independently from our association activities. For more information on certification programmes and certified products visit

The value of accredited certification

Accredited certification


Eurovent Certita Certification is EN ISO/IEC 17065:2012 accredited. As a third-party certification body, it verifies HVACR product performance data for the benefit of contractors, designers, specifiers, and manufacturers. Businesses are generating significant benefits and added value from Eurovent Certita Certification’s accredited third party certification programmes as they

  • Help to meet the requirements of regulators and compliance with standards.
  • Allow for a fair comparison of the best energy-efficient solutions.
  • Provides the knowledge, tools, and strategies to effectively set investment objectives, evaluate and
  • Deliver internal business improvements.

For a more in-depth introduction, Eurovent Certita Certification has published a dedicated information leaflet.

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