Eurovent Middle East awards first training certificates for F-Gas Technicians

The hands-on course qualifies HVACR technicians for refrigerant handling

Dubai, 25 April 2024. Eurovent Middle East awarded the first certificates for F-Gas handling to eleven HVACR engineers and technicians from refrigeration specialist EPTA Middle East. During the three-day course, which is part of the association’s HVACR Leadership Academy, technicians were trained on the correct handling and treatment of HVACR equipment containing fluorinated greenhouse gases. It is dedicated to all professionals who wish to learn the best practices to install and perform servicing activities such as maintenance, repair, recovery, leakage checking as well as dismantling RAC systems containing F-Gases.

The certification ceremony was organised at the margins of a four-day meeting of the West Asia Network of National Ozone Officers in Dubai organised by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). The ratification of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol by the governments in the region is increasing the pressure to transition to long-term alternatives and natural refrigerants. Education, training, and qualification of HVACR technicians play a vital role in this transition and are a major pillar in climate action and the fight against rising greenhouse gas emissions.

EPTA, a company specialising in commercial refrigeration products, solutions, and services is the first to make use of the association’s training programme for HVACR technicians. As an industry leader in CO2 refrigeration, EPTA is spearheading the initiative for upskilling and is fully committed to strengthening its leadership by qualifying its personnel in the region through further education and training.

Mr Andrea Cavalet, General Manager of EPTA Middle East highlights the benefits of the initiative: “Training and qualification of HVACR personnel will not only reduce greenhouse gas emissions, but it also encourages better understanding and handling of HVACR equipment, leading to savings in various areas, from power consumption to maintenance. Upskilling in general harbours the largest saving potential in the industry.”

Mr Khaled Klaly, Regional coordinator for the Montreal Protocol West Asia, UNEP commended the initiative during the certification ceremony: “We are extremely happy to see this education and training initiative by Eurovent Middle East unfold in the region. We need to radically reduce leaks and ensure better handling of such refrigerants throughout the HVACR industry. Products or policies alone are not sufficient. We depend on every technician and service provider to handle refrigerants responsibly and skilfully. And this can only be achieved by training and qualification of the people involved.”

Companies and individuals interested in enrolling for this course programme can obtain all relevant information from the association’s website: For any further details, please contact the Eurovent Middle East Team via [email protected].

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