COVID-19 industry shutdown must exclude HVACR businesses

Eurovent Middle East, along with the Eurovent Association and other industry organisations warn of severe consequences to critical infrastructure

Dubai, 8 April 2020. Several governments around the world have imposed shutdowns of non-essential businesses as part of the measures to contain the COVID-19 outbreak. In some countries, this includes manufacturers, suppliers and service professionals of HVACR equipment. Eurovent Middle East, along with other international industry organisations have published a Position Paper to warn of severe consequences to critical infrastructure if the supply and servicing of HVACR equipment is halted.

The Position Paper calls on governments around the world to include the HVACR industry in the list of essential businesses. The dependency on a global supply chain and requirements to adhere to strict standards and regulations exposes markets to significant shortages in the supply of equipment, which ensures the safe operation of healthcare, cold chain and data centre facilities if a coordinated approach towards this industry is not followed.

Mr Brian Suggitt, President of Eurovent Middle East, highlights: “Governments currently imposing shutdowns on HVACR businesses need to keep in mind, that this not only disrupts the supply chain in their own country but cuts off other countries and regions dependent on imports of essential products. This is especially true for developing countries around the world that do not have the capacity to sustain the functioning of vital, life-critical infrastructure without the necessary products.”

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