Mekar joins Eurovent Middle East

The Middle East’s HVACR sector association grows its regional profile

Dubai, 02 February 2024. From a longstanding history of collaboration, Mekar's association with Eurovent now extends to Eurovent Middle East. This move presents Mekar as the latest addition to the expanding consortium of industry players uniting to promote the adoption of sustainable technologies. The step underscores the increasing significance of collaboration among industry organisations in addressing HVACR sector challenges and advancing regulations for the Middle East region.

Founded in 1973 in Verona, Mekar has undergone significant growth since its inception and has emerged as a leader in commercial HVAC solutions. Their commitment lies in the delivery of high-quality equipment, the cultivation of strong customer relationships, and the provision of excellent post-sales support. At the core of Mekar's operations is a strong dedication to technological innovation, development, and best manufacturing practices. Supported by an extensive network of international partners, Mekar is widely recognised for reliability and excellence in the field of air treatment solutions.

Mr Bharath Babu, General Manager of Mekar Air Handling Units LLC, states: “We support the aims of Eurovent Middle East to improve standards and legislation in the region, while raising awareness and knowledge on the latest technologies available in the market. We appreciate the continuous efforts to gather the main industry players under a strong association and look forward to cooperating on education and trainings as well as on regulatory matters with our colleagues and peers. We believe that collaboration within our industry will offer us opportunities to positively influence the future of this market and contribute to the development of energy-saving regulations in the Middle East.”

Mr Markus Lattner, Managing Director of Eurovent Middle East adds: “Harmonised standards and regulations in the region and education are objectives shared by most if not all manufacturers. Every single member plays an important part in the process of working towards improved energy efficiency and sustainable practices. Only with joint efforts we can provide education and training as well as stake holding in regulatory discussions which is needed to shape the future. We thank Mekar for their commitment and we look forward to a fruitful collaboration.”

Is your organisation interested in becoming a member of our regional industry association? All relevant information is available at In case of any questions, contact the Eurovent Middle East Team via [email protected].

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